About Us

M/S Pacific Services rendering the subject service through license in Port Qasim and Karachi Port to the vessels under the IMO (International Maritime Organization MARPOL 73/78) rules and regulation providing the subject service through shipping agents on their vessels with high safety, efficiency and quality service around the clock. The subject removal discharging from vessel through road tankers and the same shifted safely into our special disposal go down.

We are trying to present our service with more favorable conditions; more distinguish efficiency and more comprehensive safety to all shipping companies’ vessels.

Our most important concern is to always give satisfaction to our superior which allows to us to be successful besides maintaining responsibility for our staff.

Quality Assurance

It is the SERVICES in the Logistic business that set apart an excellent company from an average one. Being of the oldest and the largest exporters from Pakistan we deliver on our promise of QUALITY, QUANTITY, PRICE, SOURCING and TIME. We apply substantial investments and efforts fulfilling this pledge.

Stringent purchasing standards and quality controls We also maintain substantial buffer stocks in our warehousing facility which prevents moisture, discoloring and polish variations which may occur with low inventories and little lead time between shipments. All our consignments are inspected by internal and external quality department.