Safety Policy

Safety is our prime concern! We practice safety on every job with weekly tool box talks reviewing safety concern pertaining to that particular project. We also host monthly safety meetings in our company to keep our staff up to current standards. We can proudly say that we have an incident free record due to our safety policy.

The objectives of our safety policy are:

1. To achieve an accident free workplace.
2. To ensure health and safety is considered in all planning and work activities.
3. To identify and control all possible hazards in the work place through hazard identification and
Risk analysis.
4. To ensure all potential accidents/Incidents are controlled and prevented.

In the event of any mishap (God Forbid) we usually share all information with our employees and also update our policy in hide with the same & adopt international rules to avoid the same. the company also encourages its staff to refrain from any activity that is not confirmatory.

In the event of any accident, proper & detailed investigation is done in order to make sire that no such repetition occurs. Inquiry reports are examined & Short coming are overcome to offset any future occurrence.

In the event of any accident, we report to our superiors.
We maintain our record or incident reports up to date.
We try to arrange first aid to reduce the injury / hazards at our earliest.

The company does not employee any during addict person. Furtherance physic patient also find any place in our establishment. In the event, if find indulge n addiction, shall be first treated before giving any warning for retirement.

The Firm having full trained and technical staff and all aware about the subject operational work along with all Ports rules and regulation / all Port SOP (Standard Operational Procedure they all have Port entry passes their security cleared by the Director of Naval Intelligence after scrutiny.